Release notes for Fortune

I have released 4 independent Fortune versions that are complete and do mostly the same things. I used the same fortune.dat file for each one.

Fortune-Dos v1.0 written in C
- Internal antivirus (compares the executables length to the lenght it expected and says something if they differ - probably an 'exe' virus infection)
- Customizable output (run it with /? to find out more)
- Dos and Win32 in text mode versions.
- Final version - no more development

Fortune-Win32 v1.0 written under Visual C++
- Faster reading algorithm
- Hopefully nice gui
- Installer
- Final version - no more development (I misplaced the source code! - silly me)

Fortune-KDE (KFortune) v0.1 witten in C++ and QT
- Not as complete as other versions
- It works ok
- Final version - no more development (unless I return to QT)

Fortune-Java (JFortune) v1.0 written in Java
- Crossplatform, with all the functionality of the Win32 version
- If there is time, this is the version that will get updated (with new features, like getting fortunes from the Internet)