Information about Fortune

The Fortune program is quite a simple program designed to display amusing random messages. Originally it was built for Linux, but I have ported it and now can run under Dos, Windows, Linux and other Java-friendly OS-es

It has a database of over 13,000 different fortunes, structured in 34 categories which range from Art, Computers, Fortune cookies, Love, Science to Songs and poems and Work.

The main purpose of this program is to amuse the user and maybe brighten up his day! However, I can't be held responsible for the content of the "fortunes". It is possible that some users might find some "fortunes" offensive and distastefull (Haven't found any yet, and I've been using it for 4 years now). If you are offended easily, DO NOT download this program! I encourage you, though, to try it out - you might find it amusing and you may decide to keep it! :)

If you like Fortune very much, you can drop me an e-mail/virtual postcard , so that I know that my time spent programming it was not in vain! PLEASE! :)